The construction industry is experiencing skyrocketing demand for skilled professionals at all levels. Even though you have an established HR department managing everything internally, the knowledge that a specialised workforce consulting service brings is like no other service.

That is why many employers in the construction sector are establishing their companies with the help of workforce consultants who can offer an external perspective to grow your business operations.

In this blog, we will uncover some amazing benefits of having a workforce consultant with an understanding of what they bring to the table. Let’s dive in.

How A Workforce Consultant Can Help Employers?

Employers look for professional advice and guidance to help their construction companies achieve their end goals. Hiring a workforce consultant is one of the best measures that companies can utilise when they are looking for an effective and global hiring process.

1.   Workforce Planning:

  • A workforce consultant provides expert advice in hiring a specialised workforce, especially when you are targeting global expansion and looking for global talent.
  • Understands what skills you currently have and what you’ll need in the future as technology continues to evolve and change how we work.
  • Figure out how many people you’ll need and how your construction company needs to evolve to meet future needs.
  • Plans in advance about recruitment needs to fill vacancies for construction jobs in Australia for more than hundreds of employers.

2.   Workforce Efficiency:

  • A workforce consultant looks at all the costs of hiring people, including salaries, benefits, training, and other bonus structures your company has in place.
  • Find innovative ways to reduce these expenses and make the hiring process cost-efficient for construction companies.
  • Use training programs to train candidates, improve their skills, and help them lead performance before hiring them.

3.   Work Towards Maintaining Employee Relations:

  • A hiring consultant prepares and manages labour agreements defining the roles, work rights, working policies, benefits, and other employment conditions.
  • Works to solve disagreements if the employer or employee fails to adhere to the law.
  • Conduct Employee Relations training for managers and supervisors to maintain positive relations and negotiate disputes with employees.
  • Workforce consulting helps prepare and manage the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement, which defines salaries and working conditions.
  • Writes down standard working ways for both employees and employers to educate everyone about the company’s environment.

4.   Human Resource Information and Payroll:

  • Review how you are tracking what your employees are doing during working hours and how you are paying them.
  • Check current Human Resource Information systems (HRIS) processes to see how effective they are for recording employee information.
  • Suggests mandatory changes, if necessary, in the current tools and systems.
  • A consultant also helps companies choose the best tools and use them to fulfil construction jobs in Australia.

5.   Talent Management:

  • Consultants also organise employee training programs to improve their skills and prepare them for future challenges while ensuring a diverse and inclusive work environment.

6. Organisation Review:

  • Consultants analyse your construction company to suggest improvements in the overall setup.
  • Guides over how changes are made to keep everyone informed.
  • Work towards reducing the number of employees and shifting them where they might fit better
  • Implement layoffs when it becomes necessary and cost-effective.

7. Compensation and Benefits:

  • Planning pay structure and ensuring it meets the current construction industry standards.
  • Designs incentive programs, creates sales commission plans, and develops systems to reward performance, making employees happy and content about securing the best construction jobs in Australia.
  • Ensures fair and legal pay practices and works towards improving payroll management.

8. Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestments:

  • If you are planning to merge, acquire, or sell a part of your business, workforce consultants evaluate risks and find opportunities in a unique way.
  • This involves planning the organisation structure, retaining key leaders and employees, and ensuring everyone supports the new changes.

9. Responding to Tenders:

  • A recruitment agency also specialises in preparing and submitting a new proposal to get a new client contract.
  • Streamlines new processes and outlines pricing, timelines, and how a company will deliver the requested services or products.

10. Employee Communications:

  • Workforce Consultant creates systems for better interaction with employees.
  • Develops programs to manage changes in the workplace better.
  • Sets up schemes to recognise and reward employee contributions.
  • Work towards boosting employee morale and helping them feel valued in the workplace.

11. Implement Changes in HR/ER Policies and Procedures:

  • Works to review the current HR and Employee Relations policies to check if they follow the law.
  • Creates new guidelines for workplace behaviour, handling complaints, addressing discrimination and bullying, managing job endings and hiring process.
  • Implement new policies for employees taking time off, keeping information private, handling drug and alcohol issues, and contract failures.

Final Words

In sum, workforce consulting offers a holistic approach to managing and optimising a construction company’s human resources, ensuring that everyone, including employers, is happy, satisfied, and goal-oriented with the company’s goals and strategies.

The role of a workforce consultant is genuinely remarkable in achieving new heights no matter if you are starting small or establishing your business with a global hiring process.

When you are sure that the benefits of a workforce consulting company can help you, moving ahead with New Beginning Skills is a wise decision as they have the necessary resources and expertise to manage the growing demands. Call or schedule a consultation today.