Data backup is important to maintain the integrity of the data. Backups are important for every business and hosting type. They serve as the go-to source to retain normalcy in case of emergency. A Serverwala’s Dedicated Server in France comes up with deep root access, which means that the client is responsible for the entire management. If you are looking to buy a dedicated server hosting in France and are worried about the backup process, then simply relax because we have got you covered. Take this as a guide on the backup process.

When it comes to single tenant servers, the process is quick and easy. All you have to do is create copies of critical data and store them in a separate location. We will talk about this process in detail through this article. You can use this informative piece as a guide on the backup process. This article will address every single query regarding data backup on a bare metal server.

Why is Data Backup necessary?

In order to grasp the essence of data backup, we need to go through a practical example. Suppose you run a dietary supplements company that delivers products across the world. The data of your company consists of client personal details, their preferences, your product pricing policy, and other reports associated with future growth plans. All of this data is crucial for your company and is stored on a server at a particular location. Now, imagine a scenario where your server falls crashing down due to a strong external attack. What would you do? Call the support team and look for options to safeguard the server from attackers. The most important step here would be to get hold of your stored data, i.e., your backup data. With properly saved data on the server, you will get back to the normal situation in no time and carry on your fight against that cyber attacker. What can we learn from this practical example?

A. Any server can face challenging situations due to the cyber attack.

B. Retaining your normal situation should be your first aim in an emergency situation.

C. A proper data backup can help you stop the damage on the user front, also giving you time to fight off the threat.

Now, let’s explore the process of data backup in a dedicated hosting Franceat length.

How to do backup in a Dedicated Server in France?

There are different ways to do data backup on a dedicated server in France. We have listed the important ones below; take a look below.

Local Backup:

As the name suggests, a local backup involves the storage of data in a close vicinity or on the same infrastructure. Local backup is easy and quick compared to other methods, which we will discuss further. An important point to note here is that such data storage is not effective when a natural disaster like an earthquake hits the entire data center facility.

Remote Backup:

When cloud and off-site locations are deployed to store data, it is called remote backup. This type of method is good to disassociate with the physical threat to the server’s data center building. Even if something happens to the main server, the data gets safely reinstalled due to being at an entirely different place.

Automated Backup Solutions:

The above two methods were focused on locations, and the automated backup on a dedicated server hosting in France is actually about the method. It is helpful in streamlining the backup process by scheduling regular backups at specific periods. Automated backups are great for those clients who don’t have enough time for server management yet want to keep everything updated.

Can Serverwala Offer Premium Data Backup?

Every plan and package of Serverwala Cloud Data Centers dedicated server in France is packed with reliable data backup features. You can do this easily with the supportive technical team of Serverwala, which is available round the clock. Moreover, you can use the deep root access feature as per your specific requirements. So, both options are available with Serverwala for you to store the data. This data center solution provider facilitates cheap dedicated servers in France starting from just 69 dollars a month.


Data backup helps normalize the emergency situation within a short span of time. It aims to maintain the positive brand image of your business. In this guide, we’ve explored the importance of data backup and various methods to implement it effectively.

When it comes to implementing data backup on a dedicated server in France, there are several approaches to consider. You can choose any type of backup process ranging from local to automated. Serverwala offers reliable solutions for effectively storing and securing your data.

Serverwala’s affordable dedicated server options start at just $69 per month, enabling businesses to access reliable data backup solutions as per their requirements.