Stand-up pouches have become popular across many food products, and not just ready-to-eat ones. Everything from snacks to organic flour can be found in this packaging style, and there are some very good reasons for that. Most of them come back to how easy it is to control every aspect of your packaging, from custom sizes to stylistic extras that used to be prohibitively expensive for most companies to have printed.

Multiple Finish Options

Packaging that catches the consumer’s eye and communicates your brand identity requires more than just high-fidelity color reproduction and the ability to print fine linework. The finish you choose will also say things about your brand, and there are options between high-gloss and fully flat. Being able to calibrate your visual presentation down to the way the light catches the surface of your stand up pouches can be a powerful tool when you want to stand out on a store’s limited, and often crowded, shelf space.

This level of control frees your design team to get creative in new ways. Since mylar packaging allows any surface to be a printable surface, you can make the most of your pouches to deliver information and graphics that help customers make good decisions about the way your food fits into their lifestyles.

Spot Embellishments

Sometimes you want to pull a viewer’s attention quickly to an important piece of information, whether that is bonus sizing, nutrition information, or even just the product’s name and flavor combination. Spot embellishment is what lets you do that without having to make an extra sticker with a different color scheme and finish that stands out from the base packaging. It’s not something that every packaging material can do, but printable mylar pouches and flexible packaging film can.

This saves a lot of excess labor over older methods of using stickers and other exterior resources for spot embellishments. It is also less expensive than managing those more complex processes to get the desired effect.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging With Full-Color Printing

Thanks to innovations in mylar packaging design like stand-up pouches, there is no longer a tradeoff between visual presentation and ecologically friendly packaging. Mylar is tough enough to provide a rugged barrier that preserves freshness while resisting damage without needing multiple layers of packaging, so it is easier to design for minimal packing material use. It’s also fully recyclable, which lowers the impact on the planet as well. That helps you appeal to consumers who take ecological impact into account when making purchasing decisions.

Stand-up pouches are innovating new ways to deliver multi-serving food, too. Just take a look at options like the quad seal pouch to make sure you preserve freshenss even when your product is meant to last for several servings over a fairly long period of time. This used to be a uniquely challenging aspect of packaging for many food companies from snack foods to coffee, but today’s packaging solutions offer you options that manage to do more than ever with less material. Start planning your next product packaging redesign today.