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When choosing a hotel, the amenities and features can make all the difference in the quality of your stay. Things like an in-room fridge, free breakfast and Wi-Fi are now standard at many hotels. But what are some other top amenities to look for? In this post, we’ll cover some of the best features that add convenience and value to your hotel stay.

In-Room Refrigerators

Having a compact refrigerator right in your room is super convenient for snacks, beverages, medicine, and breast milk storage. You don’t have to trek down to the lobby or buy from pricey minibars. In-room fridges let you store perishable items and leftovers from restaurants too. Be sure to check size though, as some hotels have only mini-fridges.

Flat-Screen TVs

After a long day of business meetings or sightseeing, you want to unwind with some TV before bed. Flat screens provide better viewing and take up less space than bulky old TVs. Check the size – some hotels have 32 inches while higher-end ones may boast 50 inches or more. HD channels, streaming apps, and casting options are also nice features to look for.

High-Speed Wireless Internet

Let’s face it, we rely on Wi-Fi for everything these days. Hotels know fast, reliable internet is a must. But speeds still vary, so check for descriptors like high-speed, lightning or ultra-fast. Wired ethernet connections in the room are also ideal for any video calls or large downloads. Having strong Wi-Fi ensures you stay connected.


Reheating leftovers or making a cup of tea is easier with a microwave available. While more hotels are adding them to rooms, some only have microwaves in common areas and suites. So check availability, especially if you travel with kids or prefer to snack in your room.

Air Conditioning

No one wants to sweat it out in an uncomfortably warm hotel room. Thankfully, most hotels today have air conditioning that allows you to control temperature and comfort. Top choices even have customizable thermostats. If noise bothers you, ask for a quieter unit away from elevators and ice machines.

Free Breakfast

A tasty breakfast can be a great way to fuel up for the day without having to head out. Look for hotels that offer free breakfast – either a full hot buffet or continental with pastries and cereals. Having breakfast included saves you time and money in the mornings.

Laundry Facilities

You may be surprised to find some hotels offer free self-service laundry on-site. This is a lifesaver for longer stays when you need fresh clothes. Even if not free, having coin-operated washers and dryers means you can handle laundry needs. Just check costs and detergent availability.

Free Parking

Finding free and convenient parking at hotels can be a challenge in some destinations. Be sure to check policies – some hotels only cover valet parking or self-parking for one night. Multi-night stays may incur fees unless clearly stated as complimentary for the duration of the stay. When choosing a hotel, keep this list of amenities in mind for the best stay. Let the hotel handle the details, so you can simply relax and enjoy your trip. Book a stay with us at Twin Peaks Lodging ( for your next getaway.