The antiquated cable model is no longer sustainable. Consumers opt for a la carte options that offer greater flexibility, lower costs, and more relevant content.

Streaming services are the key to this new reality. From video streaming to live television, there are plenty of options.

How to Cut the Cord

Cutting the cord movement has become a mainstream trend, with millions of viewers untangling themselves from traditional cable subscriptions that often come with bundled channels they never use. Instead, viewers are discovering a world of entertainment that can be accessed with streaming services. These a la carte offerings, flexible trial periods, and service bundles make it easier for you and your family to find the right content.

Viewers covet control over their entertainment choices, and streaming platforms offer unparalleled flexibility to watch when and what you want. With a high-speed internet connection, Smart TVs, and streaming devices, the sky is the limit to your cord-cutting possibilities. But before you start wading through the many hardware options, it’s essential to consider what shows and channels you must have in your lineup. It will help determine how much to spend on streaming devices and services.

Streaming Services

As with cable, you’ll need a home internet connection to stream TV. Fortunately, most of these services include this in their bundles. You’ll also need a streaming device, and most homes already have one of these devices from their cable or satellite boxes. These are set-top boxes with apps for popular streaming services.

Many apps are built into smart TV, but you can buy standalone streaming devices. In either case, you’ll want a good internet connection (ideally faster than your current home broadband) capable of streaming HD content.

Sports Streaming

A growing number of sports fans are finding their favorite teams on Connected TV, with many streaming services offering access to games not available in the viewer’s home area. This is shaping the future of sports broadcasting.

Streaming allows sports organizations to reach a global audience and deliver unique content that can be watched on any device, with the flexibility to offer different camera angles and vantage points. Video streaming also provides opportunities to monetize the broadcast through pay-per-view ticket access, subscriptions, or advertising & brand sponsorship.

Research has shown that perceived enjoyment and satisfaction significantly affect users’ willingness to pay for a live stream of online sports matches. It is also essential for a streaming service to provide a user-friendly interface and high-quality video and audio. Affordability is another crucial factor. It can be achieved by offering a monthly subscription price that is competitive with cable packages.

Premium Channels

Once included in cable packages, premium channels are now available to cord-cutters on a standalone streaming service. These services offer unique selections of shows and movies but make it easy to juggle multiple subscriptions to watch your favorite series when new episodes come out.

If you enjoy foreign television, cutting the cord can unlock a world of entertainment through specialized streaming channels broadcast in different languages. This variety of options means that cord-cutters can find the perfect fit for their preferences and keep their budget in check. This step-by-step guide can help them get started.