Bingo has been a cultural mainstay in Britain for decades and has been a popular pastime for millions of people. In the face of bingo hall closures across the country, bingo has been forced to evolve past land-based venues and village halls. 

Recent years have seen a transformation of the traditional game, propelled by technological advances and a surge in online gaming. The classic game of bingo has changed, embracing new variations and themes to cater to a wider audience and integrate with modern entertainment forms. This game is not just surviving – it’s thriving! 

Speed Bingo 

Speed bingo is a swift variation of the traditional game, ideal for those who seek quick gameplay. In this version, numbers are called out at a much faster pace than in traditional games, typically within 30 seconds per number. This rapid tempo means a single game lasts just a couple of minutes, making it perfect for a fast-paced gaming session.

Players are challenged to mark their cards quickly and stay on their toes. This variation offers an adrenaline-fuelled twist on the classic game. 

Themed Bingo 

One of the most captivating developments in the bingo world is the introduction of themed bingo games. These games integrate popular cultures, such as television shows, movies, and more exotic themes like holidays or historical periods.

Inspired by the hit TV show, Deal or No Deal Bingo combines all the classic fun of bingo with the suspense of the iconic game show. This variation adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement for players, allowing them to test their nerve as they try to ‘Beat the Banker’. 

Pattern Bingo 

Pattern bingo diversifies the game by shifting focus from traditional line completions to complex patterns on the bingo card. Players may need to form shapes, letters, or specific symbols to win, which introduces a new level of challenge and fun. 

This variation demands more attention and strategic thinking, making it a fresh take for seasoned players and those who want to take gaming to the next level. There is more than one way to call bingo, thanks to the unique winning patterns on offer. 

Penny Bingo 

For those looking for fun without a significant investment, penny bingo is the perfect choice. As the name suggests, cards in this version can be purchased for as little as one penny. Despite the low cost, players can still win substantial prizes, making it a popular choice for budget-conscious bingo enthusiasts.