If you’re a business owner, it’s almost certain that there is nothing more precious to you than your brand. And why not? Your brand identity differentiates you from your competitors and creates a recall value.

For those who’re unaware of this term, recall value is when you relate a situation, object, color, or logo to a specific brand—for example, the four-circle logo of Audi or the tick mark of Nike.

Stats reveal that as many as 59% of American consumers say that once committed to a certain brand, they’re loyal to it for life. Looking at the impressive numbers, if you also want to revamp your branding in your office décor, then keep reading…

1. Install the logo in the lobby

If you wish to leave a lasting impact of your brand in people’s minds, it should be the first thing that they see when they walk into your lobby.

A big brand logo with the company motto or vision can be a big game-changer. Make sure the colors of the furniture or decorations are also in sync with the brand colors.

For example, if the brand logo contains the colors blue and white, the couches or tables placed in the room should be of the same color or at least close to those shades.

You can get in touch with a professional who can print out the logo on DXF files for CNC machines.

2. Use ample amount of light

Lighting is another crucial aspect of any brand identity. If the room or lobby is dimly lit, people would perceive you as dull.

So, ensure that the room is brightly lit but not too bright, as that can be harsh on the eyes. If possible, opt for bay windows that allow natural light to come in. This will not only make the rooms look more cheerful but will also reduce the consumption of artificial lighting.

If possible, you can install backlights behind the brand logo to highlight it. Efficient utilization of lighting and space will also help enhance the brand’s core values.

3. Redesign the layout

Did you know that the layout of the room can also influence how people look at your brand? No, this doesn’t mean that the lobby must be bigger than the cabins or vice versa.

What matters is how you design the space and how it helps or limits interaction within your team.

For example, if your brand focuses on collaboration or harmony, it should have open working spaces instead of cubicles.

On the other hand, if your company focuses on luxury and premium experiences for the customers, you can have luxurious and secluded offices or meeting rooms.

4. Opt for logo-branded items

For higher brand repeatability in the minds of consumers, you can choose logo-branded items in the office.

Earlier, this was only found in big MNCs offices because of its high cost, but with new technologies, it is now available at different price points for all startups or businesses alike.

Right from stationery like the diaries and the pens or even the desks, everything can feature your brand logo. Apart from that, you can also print a stack of business cards and keep them on the waiting table in the lobby.

5. Hide the clutter

No matter how much money you invest in your office, if it is not clean & organized, it will not only leave a bad impact on your customers but can also lead to losses.

So, hide or get rid of all kinds of clutter, starting right from wire cables to stacks of papers and documents. Purchase cable storage boxes to stash away tangled wires or tactfully place carpets on the floor to hide them.

If there are a lot of papers and documents lying around, install shelves or hidden cabinets to stack them there.

You can also run a small training program among employees on how to keep the office clean & organized.


In addition to the above suggestions, you may think about remodeling the lobby and creating a special area—like a selfie or photo booth—where customers can engage with the business.

This list may be long but the golden tip to create a positive brand impact still remains the same: be professional & kind to your customers.