The underground gaming community is a unique and innovative market that thrives on creativity. ILHI stands out in this arena by focusing on unconventional games. However, attracting players to these experimental titles poses challenges.

Unlike mainstream games, which benefit from extensive marketing and media coverage, ILHI depends on word-of-mouth and grassroots promotion. This organic growth relies on a dedicated and passionate community eager to discover and share these hidden gems.

Overcoming Financial Constraints

ILHI’s core principle is to release games that are free and devoid of microtransactions. While this makes the games accessible to everyone, it also creates financial challenges. Without revenue from game sales or in-game purchases, ILHI must find alternative ways to support its developers and operations.

Community support is crucial in this regard. By fostering a strong game dev community, ILHI provides opportunities for emerging talent to secure funding and bring their bold visions to life. The focus on creative freedom and artistic games attracts developers who are passionate about their craft rather than driven solely by profit.

Balancing Creative Vision and Player Expectations

ILHI values games that embody deep, original visions, ideally narratives that can be experienced in a single evening. However, creating such unique experiences often means straying from what is traditionally popular.

This can be a double-edged sword, as players accustomed to conventional gameplay might struggle to appreciate the nuances of these experimental games. Educating the gaming community about the value of artistic games and fostering an appreciation for alternative gaming experiences is an ongoing effort.

ILHI’s commitment to not entering exclusive platform agreements ensures that its games remain widely accessible, allowing more players to discover and enjoy these cult classics.

Exploring ILHI’s Games

ILHI’s diverse portfolio includes several standout titles that exemplify its commitment to unique gaming experiences. “TalkTics: Double Served” is a prime example, offering a blend of strategy and storytelling that challenges conventional game mechanics. This game is available on Steam.

Another notable title is “Midsummer Leg’s Dream,” a surreal adventure combining artistic visuals with engaging gameplay. This game captures the essence of niche markets, providing a whimsical and immersive experience. You can explore Midsummer Leg’s Dream on Steam.

Lastly, “What’s on Agenda” exemplifies ILHI’s commitment to unconventional games. This title offers a thought-provoking experience, encouraging players to explore different perspectives and narratives. Check out What’s on Agenda on Steam.

Building a Robust Community

For ILHI, the gaming community is not just about playing games; it’s about being part of a larger movement that celebrates creative freedom and unconventional games. Engaging with this community involves multiple touchpoints. Players and developers are encouraged to join ILHI on Discord, where they can connect with like-minded individuals and share their passion for niche markets.

The ILHI website serves as a hub for all community-related activities, providing updates, resources, and information about upcoming projects. Additionally, following ILHI on X helps keep the community informed and engaged with the latest developments.

Jan Bauer’s Vision and Leadership

Jan Bauer, one of ILHI’s founders, has been instrumental in shaping the community’s vision. His dedication to fostering an environment where artistic games can thrive has established ILHI as a significant player in the alternative gaming scene.

Bauer’s approach emphasizes fun and expression over profit, attracting developers who share this ethos. Many ILHI developers have successful careers both within and outside the gaming industry, bringing a wealth of experience and creativity to their projects.


ILHI is revolutionizing the underground gaming scene by addressing the challenges of visibility, financial sustainability, and balancing creative vision with player expectations. By fostering a robust game dev community and providing a platform for experimental games, ILHI is redefining success in the gaming industry.

Players seeking new, free games with unique experiences are encouraged to explore ILHI’s offerings and join this vibrant community. Through its commitment to creative freedom and unconventional games, ILHI continues to push the boundaries of what gaming can be, creating a lasting impact on the industry.