Prime Video Channels Charge On Bank Statement

You opened your bank statement, only to do a double take after seeing a mysterious “Prime Video Channels” charge? This seemingly innocent label can mask fraudulent activity if you haven’t subscribed to these channels. 

So, if you want to know whether it’s an authorized or unauthorized charge, in this guide we will tell you how to discern between two. We’ll also go through reasons why you might see an unauthorized charge, and equip you with skills to prevent it from occurring in future.

What Is Prime Video Channels Charge On Bank Statement

A Prime Video Channels charge on your bank statement is for Amazon Prime Video channels subscription. These channels have additional shows and movies not included in your regular Prime membership. Take regular Prime Video as a big library with free movies and shows. 

Prime Video Channels are extra sections of same library with specific types of movies and shows, like horror flicks, sports games, or cartoons. You have to pay extra to access them (like renting a new movie). 

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Pick whichever “extra sections” you want, and you can watch everything from both regular library and the extra sections in same app, so it’s all in one place.

You might be charged for Prime Video Channels because:

  • You signed up for a free trial that turned into a paid subscription (forgot to cancel).
  • Someone else using your Prime Video account subscribed to a channel (friend, family, or someone who hacked your account).
  • You renewed your Prime membership or video subscription (check Manage Memberships).
  • A Prime Video channel renewing (check Manage Channels for past invoices).
  • Another card on same account.

Unknown Prime Video Channels Charge

Not long ago, someone on Reddit discussed a case of an unknown Prime Video charge. They were shocked to find a strange charge on their credit card for Amazon Prime Video. But as they had never bought anything on Amazon for that price, so they called them. 

Amazon said it was a subscription from another account linked to theirs. But they insisted they had no other accounts. Worried, they canceled their card and got a new one.

A month later, history repeated itself. New card, new mystery charges from Prime Video. This time, Amazon mentioned a name on linked account. But they didn’t know anyone by that name. 

Feeling frustrated and violated, they got another new card and specifically requested their bank to block recurring charges. It took two tries and some threats, but finally, they got a card that wasn’t being mysteriously drained.

The moral of this case is twofold:

  1. Check your bank statements often – Look for any charges you don’t recognize, no matter how small they are. They might be fraudulent.
  2. Canceling your card might not solve problem – Tell your bank to block recurring charges on your Prime account, not just get a new card.

Reasons Why You Might See an Unknown Prime Video Channel Charge

You might see a mystery charge on your Amazon bill for a few reasons:

  • Your Prime membership has been renewed (check Manage Prime Membership).
  • Someone you know used your account to buy something.
  • Your bank put a hold on your account for a recent order (it’s not a real charge, contact your bank if worried).
  • You used Amazon Pay to buy something elsewhere (check your Amazon Pay history).
  • An item you ordered earlier finally shipped.
  • You have another card on same account.
  • Someone sent you a gift from Amazon.

How to Prevent Unauthorized Prime Video Channel Charges?

If you’re wondering, “How do I stop Prime Video charges that are unauthorized” you must learn to prevent them. To do so, follow preventative measures below:

  1. Check Your Subscriptions Often – Take a peek at your Prime Video subscriptions regularly. This helps you catch any you might have forgotten about and cancel them before they start costing you money.
  2. Think Twice About Free Trials – Free trials for channels sound great, but be careful. Set a reminder to cancel before trial period ends if you don’t want to keep paying for your Prime Video channel.
  3. Use Parental Controls (Optional) – If you have kids who use Prime Video, consider setting up parental controls. This can prevent them from accidentally subscribing to channels without your permission.
  4. Keep Your Payment Info Updated – Make sure your payment information on Amazon is up-to-date. This helps avoid any issues where a subscription might keep chugging along because of outdated info.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t I recognize Prime Video charge on my bank statement?

There are a few possible reasons:

  1. It could be a renewal of your Amazon Prime membership or Prime Video subscription.
  2. It might be a renewal of a Prime Video Channel subscription.
  3. You might not remember a past transaction related to Prime Video.

Could the Prime Video charge be fraudulent?

If you don’t recognize a Prime Video charge, it could be from someone else using your card. Verify the charge by checking your receipts. If it still seems unfamiliar, contact your bank or Amazon customer service.

How can I prevent unrecognized Prime Video charges in future?

To avoid accidental purchases, set up restrictions on Prime Video. You can do this on web, Android, or iOS.


Now you’re armed with knowledge to decipher unknown Prime Video Channels charge on bank statement. Regularly review your subscriptions, set up parental controls if needed, and be cautious with free trials. By following these simple steps, you can ensure your bank statement reflects only authorized charges.