Those of you who have ever “fallen into the trap” of the bookie, come here to learn how to neutralize the bookie’s tricks in soccer betting.

The house always has tricks to reduce the player’s winning rate. Therefore, you need to recognize it early to avoid falling into the house’s trap when placing bets. However, recognizing the house’s tricks is not easy, as you need to have time to practice and accumulate online betting experience to be able to develop your own techniques. In the article below, we will share our experiences with avoiding those tricks.

Revealing the house’s tricks in betting

To help you easily recognize the tricks of the house, below the betting experience will share the tricks that the house often uses to trap players.

The biggest trap is “handicap.”

Handicap betting is also one of the top tricks that almost every bookmaker applies. To avoid this trap, players need to have smart strategies. Besides, collect quality and accurate information.

There are also many complicated developments. During the match, there will be unpredictable changes. Specifically: playing lineup, coach, playing strategy,… These are factors related to the final result.


For those of you who are new to soccer betting, the term “counter-bet trap” is probably unfamiliar. In fact, this trick rarely happens, but it is not non-existent. Normally, in betting matches, fluctuations occur when the match time is halfway through the match, which is called a counter-bet trap. The player will be at risk of losing because the house has bet many times.

At this time, the house will, regardless of losing half of the bet, adjust to avoid risks. Therefore, players should quickly refund their bets from the beginning. Note: The counter-bet trap usually only appears in finals. That’s why you will have to work hard to fight this trap.

Performance of the players

Before participating in a betting match, you must make sure that you have thoroughly researched and learned information about the two participating teams. Not only you, but the bookies also do this, they will rely on the information they collect, especially the performance of the competition, to analyze and predict the results by leading experts.

The house’s tactics are based on the performance of the teams in recent competitions. Normally, with a team that has a good performance and has won more than three matches or more, that bet will definitely have a high handicap. Therefore, even if the team you bet on wins in the end, you still lose the bet. Therefore, you should especially pay attention to this trick. If you do not have much experience, you will easily fall into the trap.

Experience to avoid the house’s tricks

When participating in betting, each player needs to accumulate and absorb knowledge to be able to cope with the house’s tricks. This is not only basic but also very important to be able to win in the betting playground.

A comfortable and calm spirit is essential for you to be able to make the most accurate decisions. When betting, unexpected things always happen, and staying calm and not letting emotions influence your decisions will help you make better decisions.

Accumulating and absorbing knowledge can be done in many different ways, including learning from reliable sources, talking with experienced people, or learning and developing your own knowledge. . Once you have mastered the knowledge and experience, you need to remember everything you have learned so you can put it into practice and increase your chances of winning.

Players should not follow the majority, they need to have their own opinion. They need to learn, analyze, and make decisions based on their knowledge and experience.

Finally, control and knowing when to stop are also indispensable factors in winning the house’s playground. When creating a bookie account, there will always be tricks and tips to play on the participants’ aggressiveness and greed.