Nearly 9 out of 10 customers read reviews before purchasing or hiring services, and salons are no exception. Before booking an appointment, people like to read the opinions and experiences of others, be it for a haircut or nail art. 

Google reviews have become the digital word-of-mouth, online reputation for salons is everything. However, these reviews can be both negative and positive. 

Wondering how to get more 5-star reviews? Thinking if you should buy Google reviews? Why risk your business with fake reviews when here are some best and easiest tips for you? 

Why Google Reviews Are Important For Salons? 

Google reviews are a powerful tool for salons when it comes to attracting more customers and growing their business. They enhance search engine viability and build an online reputation. 

Based on your service and what other clients have to say, allows new consumers to make decisions. The better the service, the more room for positive reviews.

9 Best Tips You Should Try To Get More 5-Star Google Reviews For Salons

Here are some best tips on how you should get more 5-star Google reviews for your salon:

1. Keep your GMB profile updated

Keeping your GMB profile updated with accurate information about your salon is essential. This information should include your salon’s name, address, number, website, hours of operation, etc. It also allows you to respond to and manage reviews. 

2. Deliver an Excellent Customer Experience

One of the easiest and real ways to get 5-star reviews is by offering top-notch service to your clients. For this, you must consider:

  • Staff Training and Customer Service

To offer an excellent customer experience, ensure your staff is well-trained in all services, such as haircuts, spas, nail art, etc., and has all the necessary knowledge. Each member of the staff must prioritize customer satisfaction.

  • Ambiance and Cleanliness

Maintaining a fully hygienic salon environment is very important. Remember, attention to detail is the key to customers’ hearts. Also, make sure the ambiance of your salon is calm, relaxing, and bright at all times. 

  • Quality of Service and Consistency

90% of clients will be willing to visit more if you offer high-quality service with consistency. This includes using high-quality products, personalized services, maintaining good communication, and more. 

3. Encourage Reviews from Satisfied Customers

Want 5-star Google reviews on your salon business? Engage and encourage your customers to leave reviews about their experience. However, keep a few things in mind :

  • Timing and Approach

Actively and kindly ask customers for reviews after the job is done. If a client is in a hurry, send an email or SMS. 

  • Tools and Technology

Additionally, you can also use tools and technology to maintain real-time communication with your regular and new customers at the salon. 

  • Incentives and Loyalty Programs

Customers at salons often look for offers and gifts. You can use this chance to get more Google reviews. For instance, you can encourage clients to include images of their results in exchange for discounts or extra free mini services like nail art. 

4. Make the Review Process Easy

Customers often don’t like when they have to spend hours sharing reviews. So to get more reviews, make sure you offer an easy process. And here are some tips:

  • Simplifying the Review Process

To simplify, send your clients emails or automated texts thanking them for visiting and asking to leave reviews. Make sure to add a link to your salon’s Google review page.   

  • Utilizing Multiple Platforms

You can also increase 5-star reviews by using multiple platforms like email campaigns, websites, social media, brochures, and more. 

5. Respond to Reviews

Salon owners must always respond to every review to show gratitude. Here is how you can manage your reviews:

  • Responding to Positive Reviews

Thank customers and appreciate their time to write positive reviews. 

  • Addressing Negative Reviews Professionally

Negative reviews should be seen as a chance to show that you care for your customers by resolving the issue professionally. 

  • Using Feedback for Improvement

See customer feedback as a chance to learn and grow. Look for ways to improve or ask customers for their opinions. 

6. Promote Positive Reviews

You can showcase your positive reviews on social media platforms. For instance, 

  • Promoting Positive Reviews

You can share positive customer reviews on your Facebook and Instagram posts and stories.  

  • Engaging with the Community

Furthermore, you can create your community by asking followers to leave reviews and encourage them by running giveaways. 

7. Implement Long-term Strategies for Sustained Positive Reviews

Another way to get 5-star reviews for your salon is to stick to long-term strategies. This includes: 

  • Continuous Improvement

Consider maintaining relationships with clients with negative reviews as a chance to improve and grow your business. 

  • Building a Strong Brand

Build a strong brand for your salon by creating a website. Also add everything about the salon, services, testimonials, etc. 

  • Regularly Monitoring and Analyzing Reviews

Always follow up with your clients and update yourself through your salon’s review section. 

8. Monitor and Address Negative Reviews

To improve online reputation, it is important to focus on client relationships. Therefore, to build trust and loyalty, make sure you monitor each review. If you get negative reviews, communicate with the client, address their concern, and resolve their issues regarding any salon service.

9. Offer Loyalty Points or discounts for leaving reviews

A great way to encourage customers to leave reviews is by offering them loyalty points/discounts. For instance, you can provide, ”Get facial free with hair smoothening.” This will also encourage clients to visit and spend more time in your salon. 


Reviews play an important role in building a salon’s reputation and credibility. Earning 5-star reviews from clients isn’t something you can do overnight. It takes good quality service and a couple of tricks. However, in addition to offering high-quality service, it is also important to address your client’s issues and concerns.  

Want your salon business to receive dozens of glowing 5-star reviews? Always engage with your customers both in person and on Google reviews by responding with gratitude, appreciation, and thanks. Overall, be it negative or positive, always remember to prioritize clients and their satisfaction above all.