In recent years, businesses looking to make their mark and create memorable marketing campaigns have turned to a classic tool with a modern twist: printed bags. These fashionable, practical and eco-friendly items have become a staple in today’s competitive business landscape. Let’s dive into the top trends in printed bags for marketing campaigns and how they can impact your brand.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

With rising concern for the environment, the use of biodegradable and recycled materials in production has become all the rage. Consumers are more appreciative of brands that show concern for the environment, making eco-friendly printed bags a must-have for your marketing campaign. They’re not only practical, but they also send a clear message about your brand’s values, helping to enhance your reputation among environmentally-conscious consumers.

Large, Bold Prints

Another trend that’s making a statement in printed bag marketing is the use of bold, large prints. The clear visibility provided by these prints ensures that your brand message is not lost in the crowd. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a logo, a brand tagline or an image, size does matter when it comes to printed bags.

Custom Shapes and Sizes

Customisation isn’t just about the print; custom shapes and sizes are in too. An unusually shaped bag with alluring print design can capture attention from afar. Whether it’s a tiny bag for makeup or a large one for a day out at the beach, unusual sizes and shapes can make your printed bags stand out.

Vibrant Colours

Vibrant colours with high contrasts are taking the centre stage in print design. Neon shades, unusually jarring colour combinations, and bright hues are just a few examples of this trend. A colourful bag with your brand’s artwork can become a walking advertisement for your company and make a lasting impression in the minds of potential customers.

Minimalist Designs

On the opposite end of the spectrum, minimalism is also a leading trend in bag design. Some consumers value simplicity and cleanliness in design, so a bag with a simple logo or brand name can speak volumes. Minimalist designs avoid clutter, focusing on the core message of the brand and leaving a lasting impression with its simplicity.

Localised Printing

Last, but not least, is localised printing. This involves customising printed bags to certain locations, occasions, or seasons. By targeting a specific audience group with your designs, you’ll be speaking directly to potential customers, catching their attention and making your brand more relatable.

To conclude, printed bags offer a unique and effective way of reaching out to your audience in more ways than one. From eco-friendly materials to localised printing, there’s a trend to suit every marketing strategy. As the landscape continuously evolves, it will be interesting to see where the trends in printed bag design go next.