What is CSC Service Work on Bank Statement

Encountering an unfamiliar charge labeled CSC Service Work on your bank statement can be frustrating. Majorly because this description lacks details, leaving you unsure of the service rendered or the legitimacy of the transaction.  

But worry not! In this blog post, we will shed light on all the possible interpretations of this entry and the steps you can take to identify its true nature.

So, let’s get started. 

What is CSC Service Work on Bank Statement?

CSC ServiceWorks refers to a company that offers multiple vending-style services. CSC services are commonly available at 22,8000 gas stations and convenience stores, 1,300 educational institutes, 6,700 hotels, and 4,500 laundromats. This huge availability makes the company’s services more accessible. It’s based in the US, Canada, and Europe. 

Let’s have a look at some of the commonly offered services by the company: 

  • Laundry vending: Through this, you can get access to laundry equipment like washers and dryers with flexible options for cashless payments.
  • Air and vacuum services: This service is useful for automotive customers and provides air and vacuum stations, so they can easily maintain vehicle tyres and interiors. 
  • Traditional snack and beverage vending: This includes the placement of vending machines that can dispense snacks, cold beverages, and even hot drinks. The items’ availability depends on the machine’s settings. 

With the rise of technology, CSC ServiceWorks also incorporates smart vending solutions. These feature touchscreens, mobile payment options, and interactive interfaces to enhance user experience and operational efficiency.

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What Does CSC Service Work on Bank Statement Indicate?

If you ever purchase any item from CSC ServiceWorks vending solution, the respective charges may appear as CSC Service Work on your bank statement. It typically displays as CSC ServiceWorks or any similar entry with slight variation. 

Further, it’s accompanied by additional details that may reflect the location where you used the service and its type. 

Decoding CSC Service Work Charges on a Bank Statement

The CSC ServiceWorks entry can appear on your bank statement in different ways. Let’s explore each one in detail: 

  • CHKCARDUsacsc service work: It refers to any such payment that is made from a check card or debit card at any CSC vending station.
  • POS Debit Usascs service work: POS stands for Point of Sale, and such an entry means you used your debit card to purchase anything at the CSC ServiceWorks service point. 
  • PRE-AUTH Usa*csc service work: This code stands for a pre-authorization hold. When you initiate a transaction, the CSC system may place a temporary hold on a specific amount of funds in your account. This is to ensure the availability of sufficient funds to cover the transaction. It is often more than the actual amount that you need to pay and will be adjusted to reflect the exact charge once the transaction is completed.

Types of CSC ServiceWorks Charges on a Bank Statement 

Typically, there are two types of CSC Service Work charges that you may see on your bank statement. 

One is recurring charges, which occur when you use CSC ServiceWorks services regularly i.e. you have subscribed to them like a laundry subscription. 

Comparatively, one-time charges appear for such services that you took only once, like a tire inflation service at a petrol station. 

Differentiating CSC ServiceWorks with Card Security Code (CSC) 

Since both abbreviations are similar, people commonly get confused between CSC ServiceWorks and Card Security Code. Now that you know all about CSC ServiceWorks, let’s explore more regarding Card Security Code to differentiate properly. 

Basically, a Card Security Code is an anti-fraud security feature through which it’s identified that only the cardholder is using it while performing any e-commerce or similar transaction. This implies in situations when one is paying digitally to ensure the person making the payment has the card in their possession. 

The code is a 3 or 4-digit figure that you can commonly find on the back of your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. On American Express, it’s located on the front. 

Steps to Take When You Do Not Recognize the CSC ServiceWorks Charges on Your Bank Statement 

If the CSC Service Works entry appears on your bank statement and you fail to recognize it, follow the below steps to stay on the safe side: 

  1. Verify the charges: Check your bank account’s transaction history and evaluate all your recent activities. If you have used CSC services, it would reflect there. Once you find any such transaction, make sure to match the amount and date with that on your bank statement. 
  2. Consult with your household members: Sometimes, a charge may be made by someone else in your household or anyone who possesses your bank details. Make sure to verify with them before proceeding further
  3. Contact CSC ServiceWorks: In case, you still can not recognize the entry then get in touch with CSC ServiceWorks to file a dispute. You can email them at  [email protected] or call 1 (877) 264-6622. 
  4. Refer to your bank: If the response of CSC ServiceWorks about an unwanted transaction is not satisfactory, it’s wise to contact your bank or credit card company to dispute the charge so you can get the money back in your account. 

Tips to Prevent Unwanted CSC Charges on a Bank Statement 

To avoid unwanted CSC ServiceWorks charges altogether, you must follow the below tips: 

  • Set up alerts: Many banks offer SMS or email alerts for those who want to stay aware of every financial activity that happens with their accounts. You can also opt for this option to immediately take action if any fishy CSC transaction happens. 
  • Go through the machine instructions: Whenever you are using any ServiceWorks vending machine, make sure to read all the instructions on it along with pricing to ensure there are no hidden charges. 
  • Look for recurring charges: If you see CSC ServiceWorks charges on your bank statement every month, confirm any monthly subscription before filing a dispute. 
  • Use legitimate machines: Frauds can happen anywhere. Thus, only use those CSC machines that are located at trustworthy places like a petrol station. It’s always better to avoid those located in shady areas. 
  • Monitor your statements: Keep a close track of your bank and credit card statements. This will help you keep tabs on any such charges that should not be there, so you can file for a dispute quickly. 
  • Secure your account: Make sure your account is secure enough so it does not get misused. For this, ensure the password you are using is unique and strong. And regularly change it. Moreover, it’s wise to use two-factor authentication for extra security. 


We hope after going through this guide, you will not fret over the CSC ServiceWorks charges anymore thinking of it to be something fishy. Instead, it’s just an indication that you have used the vending services provided by the company and the entry reflects the amount that was deducted from your account.